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The Power of Myth

myth, metaphor, and religion

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The Power of Myth is a community dedicated to the discussion of myth, metaphor, religion, and philosophy in a cross-cultural sense as espoused by Joseph Campbell(1904-1987). However, knowledge of Campbell's work is not a prerequisite, as it is hoped people interested in learning more about him and his writings will join. Feel free to ask any questions you can think of having to do with Joseph Campbell, myth, religion, etc. Chances are, someone here can answer it.

The Rules
  • Do:

    1. Discuss myth, religion and metaphor and topics related to
      those things. Preferably in relation to Joseph Campbell's works,
      though that isn't necessarily a prerequisite.

    2. At least pretend you have a passable knowledge of English.
      This means using appropriate punctuation, capitilization, and
      line breaks.

    3. Respect other members, even if their beliefs differ from

    4. Keep an open mind.

    5. Have a sense of humor.

  • Don't:
    1. Make posts with the comments disabled.

    2. Insult, bait, flame, or make ad hominem attacks. It makes
      people discount anything good you might have to say, and makes
      you look bad.

    3. Proselytize. I don't like it. Most people I know don't like
      it. So don't do it.

  • Banworthy Offenses:
    1. Posting without reading the rules. Is it that hard?

    2. Trolling.

    3. Spam.

    I stole a lot of these rules from the
    Raving Theosophy

    Suggested Reading

    This community is moderated by belovedseraph. If you have any questions, direct them to belovedseraph@bellsouth.net
  • advaita, aesthetics, affect images, agape, altered consciousness, altruism, anahata, ancient cultures, ancient history, angels, animals, animism, archetypes, art, atheism, avatars, beauty, bhagavad gita, bliss, bodhisattva, buddhism, c.g. jung, chakras, civilization, collective unconscious, comparative literature, comparative mythology, compassion, creation, creative mythology, culture, death, deism, demons, destruction, discussions, divinity, dreams, dualism, eastern mysticism, enlightenment, equality, essence, ethics, faith, following your bliss, god, goddess, grail myths, hegel, heroes, idealism, imagery, infinity, inner world, interpretation, jesus, ji hokkai, joseph campbell, journeys, kabbalah, karma, language, legends, macrocosm, magic, maya, meaning, meaning of life, meditation, metaphor, metaphor as myth, metaphysics, microcosm, monomyth, mysticism, myth, mythmaking, mythology, myths to live by, nirvana, nonduality, objectivity, occidental mythology, occult, oriental mythology, pantheism, philosophy, plato, primitive mythology, prophecy, questions, ramayana, rapture, reincarnation, religion, religious tolerance, ri hokkai, rite, ritual, sanskrit, seeking, self-realization, sentience, shamanism, siddhartha, society, soulmates, spirits, spirituality, stories, subjectivity, symbolism, taoism, tat tvam asi, the absolute, the afterlife, the divine, the gods, the holy grail, the masks of god, the mythic dimension, the power of myth, the sacred, the soul, the universe, the vedas, the wasteland, theism, theology, theories, theosophy, thinking, thou art that, thought, totemism, truth, visions, visualizations, waking life, western philosophy, wicca, wisdom, worlds, zen