anactof7 (anactof7) wrote in powerofmyth,

Enduring the Loss of the Senses

I'm new here and would just like to say hi! I have a discussion to begin but maybe I'm not permitted to do that just yet. If there are problems please remove the post and sorry!

I want to know what it would take (according to each of you) to lose your eyesight. Does that make sense? What crime (and the motives behind such, for example: greed, jealousy and so on) would bring the Gods to punish a person in such a way? And why the eyes exactly? Is this person a painter/drawer? Was it with this sense that the crime was performed? (I have too many questions! :P)

I have to admit it's an idea I've played around with on my own.

To add to that, I'd like to ask if there is anyone who knows of a myth that deals with the loss of a sense by a God or mortal? I was thinking stories like the 'Six Swans'; that concept of having to endure a labour - or a series - in silence. Are there other variations? So far I've found the story of <a href="">Tiresias</a> a blind seer, turned into a woman for seven years. And <a href="">this</a>: a Buddhist parable on 'perception' and 'seeing the whole picture'.

Thanks a bunch! :)

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