November 19th, 2006


Alan Moore, Gods & Ideaspace

Thought I'd share some of my recent thoughts.

Joe Campbell, in an interview w/ Michael Toms, said, “The gods are w/in you. Well, they’re out there too, in some mysterious way -- but primarily they’re w/in you.” Mostly people who talk & write about Campbell & his ideas focus (as he did himself) on the “w/in you” part – the idea that gods are “masks” we place over a deep transcendent mystery, which they thus represent to us, giving us a way to think and talk about something that is inherently beyond words. But it’s the “some mysterious way” that I want to take a moment write about right now.

The best spokesperson I know for that “some mysterious way” is the British writer/musician/pagan-magician Alan Moore. I’m a huge fan of Alan Moore’s comic book work (V for Vendetta, Watchmen, From Hell, Snakes & Ladders…), but when I started reading interviews where he talked about his mystical beliefs I found these to be very exciting as well. I think Moore might be the other end of the balance-scale w/ Campbell – complementing his work and filling-out the picture. Campbell, as a self-proclaimed “naturalist,” tended to favor explanations from biology, psychology or anthropology. While always recognizing that there are deeply mysterious, “mystical” phenomena out there, he avoided comment on these things. Moore, it seems to me, offers a wonderful, rational explanation (or at least a direction of thought, if not a full-fledged theory) that complements Campbell’s work from the other end. So, I’m sharing a “blurb” version of Alan Moore 101:
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